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We aim to achieve utmost care and excellent production. We do this through our in-house production and R&D department who combine reliability and innovation. The quest for innovation never stops! With our technical expertise and twenty years of experience, we are able to provide trustworthy advice in every customer’s situation.

BoltSafe offers a measuring solution to visualize bolt load for various industries using compact sensors. These bolt load sensors have been developed using a unique technology, are easy to use and provide accurate measurements.

The problem

The problem with bolted connections has always been that there is no way to be sure that an assembly has achieved or kept the required bolt load. The most common reason for gasket joints to start leaking is unequal and insufficient bolt load. For instance, during assembly, gaskets are overloaded to compensate for later relaxation. This especially happens with hydraulic tensioners. But it remains unclear what the relaxation over time will be. Other occurring problems might be bolts breaking due to fatigue issues, bolts coming loose or doing unnecessary maintenance to check up on the bolts. Not knowing the right tool setting or bolt load during assembly or while the bolts are mounted can cause serious problems. Maintenance costs will rise and result in expensive check-ups and re-tightening procedures. Right now, these procedures are very common for high loaded bolted constructions such as cranes and wind turbines. The challenge BoltSafe took up is to prevent these check-ups and make sure that no re-tightening is necessary.

The solution

For these problems, BoltSafe has come up with a solution. Place a BoltSafe bolt load cell on the non-driven side of a bolted connection, preferably under a nut. The load cell is therefore used as a washer. With BoltSafe’s load sensor, the bolt load during assembly can now be measured and the correct residual bolt load is ensured. After the assembly, the bolt load can be monitored over time, which avoids underload or overload and expensive check-ups. The coefficient of friction can be determined with a simple test rather than assumed or guessed. This same test will also determine the exact tool settings to reach the desired bolt load. This knowledge enhances safety, makes joints more dependable and results in better control over the bolted construction. It also lowers the costs for maintenance during installation and throughout the joint’s service life. Bolting-related failures have never been so easily avoided!









Bolt load sensors

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Industries where BoltSafe products are mostly used

Mechanical engineering

Wind industry

Civil engineering

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