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How much bolt load do your bolted joints have?

The problem with bolted joints has always been; how can you be sure that your threaded assemblies have achieved and/or have kept the required bolt load?

The Problems
Unequal and insufficient bolt load is in most cases reason for gasket joints to start to leak;
- During assembly gaskets get an overload to compensate later relaxation, especially with hydraulic tensioners;
- How big is the relaxation over time?
- Expensive check up and re-tightening procedures became common for high loaded bolts in important (steel) construction such as cranes and wind turbines;
- Bolts break due to fatigue issues;
- During operation bolt loads may vary. But..... how much?
- Bolts become loose.......but why?
- How can maintenance costs on bolting be reduced?
- What is the coefficient of friction?
- What is the right tool setting or best bolting procedure?

The Solution
Place a BoltSafe washer between the nut/bolt head and the flange surface, and measure the actual bolt load during the assembly. This way the correct residual bolt load bolted joint is ensured. After assembly, the actual bolt load can be monitored so under/overload and expensive check ups can be avoided. With a simple test the coefficient of friction can be determined rather than assumed or guessed. The same test shows you the exact tool settings how to reach the desired bolt load.


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Enhanced safety, dependable joints, better control and improved cost benefit both during installation and throughout the joint’s service life. The washer is suitable for torque and tensioning applications. To avoid bolting related failures was never as simple as now.

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